Creators.TF leaks

After an abuse email we’ve moved the content here.

All files are compressed using 7-Zip.

Balance sheet

A former staff member published a Google Sheet of all their server expenses to detail how much money is unaccounted for.

balance sheet

Google Drive

Chat Logs

These are chatlogs exported from both the private dev discord and a semi-public one where some discussions took place.

chat logs

Google Drive

Google Drive leak

This is a copy of the dev team’s Google Drive folder.


Google Drive

Gameserver repository + plugin source

This is a copy of the live gameserver repository, including plugin source code from the 25th of October, 2020.


Google Drive

GitHub repo

Website repository

This is a copy of the live website repo, including the item economy logic, from the 25th of October, 2020.


Google Drive

GitHub repo


Tyler McVicker attempting to kick a developer out for saying “tranny”

Tyler’s damage control Q&A after multiple code leaks and moderator resignations